Starting with an idea, the initial sketch or scan is enlarged computer aided on screen to be further processed.

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Once by punching a code onto a paper roll which is mostly digitalised nowadays, the sketch is then fed into a computerised embroidery machine. Compared to older machines directed by reading punch cards mechanically computerised embroidery machines of today are running at a speed almost four times faster with many additional features like single needle control and thread cutting device. This allows mass production of designs more sophisticated than ever. Besides needles stitching ornaments and floral designs spread all over, in stripes or as motifs, boring tools can be used for making holes with stitched borders to avoid the base fabric from fraying. Some machines are even equipped with special devices which can add soutache-ribbons , cording, or sequins or laser. Once the fabric is embroidered it is controlled and detected faults are being mended before finishing, bleaching or dyeing. Finally the embroidery is cut and rolled or packed (trims, motifs) resp. folded or rolled (allovers) and immediately out for delivery.Our minimum quantity for production varies depending on type of embroidery, fabric as well as other design & finishing specifications. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

AnBella Designs

For our clients that do not require large quantities AnBella Designs can offer a wide range of high quality embroidery at competitive prices.

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